Kathy Griffin Vs. President Trump (Warning Graphic Image)

Comedian Kathy Griffin is going to have to deal with the United States Secret Service after posing with a fake Donald Trump severed head.  


The comedian said she was not afraid to do images and make noise, well she did just that with this photo. The noise of Secret Service knocking at her door.

Griffin did apologize Tuesday night via social media saying “I sincerely apologize I am just now seeing the reaction of these images.”

My question is how did you not know that the image of you holding a bloody severed Presidents head was going to cause a negative reaction and backlash? Regardless of who the President is the image is graphic, morbid, and disturbing.

President Trump tweeted:

I have to say I agree with the man. Not cool Kathy.

I am not by far a Trump supporter and I’m all for freedom of speech, art, and expression but damn that was a bit much. It’s cold in the D.C.

Comedians 0 – Trump 2