JAY-Z Faces Reasonable Doubt Lawsuit

Jay-Z has been hit with a lawsuit over his debut album Reasonable Doubt because he hasn’t paid the royalties he agreed to pay to the guy who helped Roc-A-Fella with their distribution deal. 

The deal was Raynard Herbert would get 1% of all sales on the classic Hip Hop album Reasonable Doubt because he claims he not only helped with the distribution deal but he also helped mastered the album.

Everything was all good until 2008 when Herbert claims the payments stopped. He claims he did try to contact Jay-Z’s people back in 2010 to let them know he was not receiving payments and to update his address but nothing happened.

So Mr. Herbert decided to take his issues to court to settle it. Herbert is suing for royalties, damages, plus interest and any other fees.

No wonder why Hov is On The Run.. again.

Source: TMZ