Future And Young Thug Are BFF’s And Have Tattoo’s To Prove It

#Frontliners this one is interesting! Rappers Future and Young Thug are best of friends and super close.

So close they have their names tattooed on each other. 

Young Thug let it be known that him and fellow rapper Future are in this bromance forever. We’ve seen them collaborate on a bunch of music and they are both from Atlanta so we can truly say they are BFF’s

Jefferey (Thugger) said on Spotify’s Scrolling In The Deep “Man, me and this n***a got each other’s names tatted on us. That’s how we feel. It’s forever.” according to Complex Magazine.

Young Thug also revealed his vocals were on Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” song.

#Frontliners would you get your BFF’s name tatted?