Former President Barack Obama Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Certain powers that be are really trying hard to dismantle the legacy of our former President Barack Obama. I don’t think they understand you can NOT destroy good. Evil shall not and will not prevail.

Now, all of the sudden, Congress just might try to take Barack Obama’s pension away because of a speech he is scheduled to make on Wall Street. 

Our former President will profit $400,000 for his upcoming speech on Wall Street and that doesn’t sit well with one Representative in particular. Jason Caffetz who I think is a tab bit salty because Barack Obama vetoed his “sponsored” bill called the Presidential Allowance Modernization Act.

Under the act a former president can’t make $400,000 or more it would phase out their pension.

Ahhhhh I love my former Commander and Chief.

So here is the thing, when someone does something with good intentions and their heart is in a good place you can NOT take away from that nor destroy it. However, things that are done with negativity in mind, intention, or with malice just don’t prevail.

Just my thought on things!