Fair Or Foul: Man Becomes Upset People Are Speaking Spanish Threatens To Call ‘ICE’

#Frontliners are you ready because we’ve got another one?

Now, I know we are just starting to come off of Dr. Jennifer Schulte who was the white woman that called 911 on a black family barbecuing in an Oakland, California park but ignorance seems to be in abundance this week.

This one takes place in NYC and this man is pissed people are speaking Spanish at a restaurant. He even threatens to call immigration but get this… he is an attorney. 

I’m just going to leave this video of attorney Aaron Schlossberg right here. Wonder if he listens to Childish Gambino he did say ‘This Is America’.

#Frontliners what are your thoughts on this situation? Was Schlossberg fair for saying the people need to speak English or foul?

I think he was having a bad day. Maybe he lost a big case or maybe a woman he dated while studying in Spain left him for someone who speaks Spanish.

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