Couple Busted for Selling Drugs With A Drone

This couple in Southern California just changed the game by selling drugs via a drone.  

So this couple, Benjamin Baldassarre and Ashley Carroll sold illegal drugs using a drone to drop off the drugs at the parking lot that was near them. Then the customers would then drive past the couple’s home and throw the money for the purchase on the lawn.

The neighbors knew what was going on and alerted the police because of the volume of traffic coming to the neighborhood.

Baldassarre had his 9 year-old daughter living in the home and was also charged with child endangerment because of the drugs and paraphernalia found in the home.

His daughter was removed and is with her mom.

Not that I condone the couple’s action but the was pretty crafty.

Even the authorities were surprised and are now going to be on the look out for drug selling drones.