Could You Be a Judge Too?

I have been told by friends in Buffalo (thanks for the wings) that since I post occasionally I need to reference my sources, so let me start with the voices in my head and little birdies, ooh let me not forget the tooth fairy or the unicorn that I hear from too.   So now that I have reference my favorite source let’s toss in the NYtimes.

You too can be a Judge.  New judges are required to attend “Judges School”.

Some people are elected with zero experience.  So having a law degree is not required!!  (I’m be…how many others thought you needed to be a lawyer to sit on the bench)
Judges are also required to attend continuing legal education classes too.
So if a Judge Judy can work how about Judge Dre.  Will try it on Memory Lane this Saturday 6am – 3pm.  Join me.