Bobby Brown And Bobbi Kristina’s Estate Reach Settlement For TV One Biopic

Did any know that there was a Bobbi Kristina biopic that aired last month on TV One?  

Neither did I or maybe I did and just chose to ignore it.

Anyways, Bobbi Kristina’s estate and Bobby Brown came together to halt the biopic from airing but they were unsuccessful. The lawsuit they filed claimed the biopic violated Bobbi Kristina’s rights.

They were seeking $2 million and to block TV One from airing the biopic because it depicts Bobby Brown being abusive towards Whitney Houston and him being an unloving father.

As we see they did not stop the biopic from airing but they did reach a settlement however it is not know yet how much they settled for according to TMZ.

If the family or individual does not approve of the details or facts of their life for a biopic then why do it… smh.

I understand ratings and entertainment but if you put something together that is not true or real especially about someone who is no longer living how can you be okay with that internally??…