Black Music Moment: LL Cool J Makes History

Congratulations is in order for the legendary rapper LL Cool J!  

Ladies Love Cool James is the first solo rapper in music history to receive the Kennedy Center’s Presidential Honor.

Mr. Cool J told the New York Times that he is is proud to help “knock the door down for a new genre.” He added, “To be able to come from the corner of Farmers Boulevard in Queens, banging on a garbage can, all the way to the Kennedy Center Honors, that’s a long journey.”

That’s a pretty big deal so congratulation’s to LL Cool J (James Todd Smith)!!

The Kennedy Center Honor is a prestigious award and is given to individuals whom, within their lifetime,  have influenced American culture through performing arts.

Lionel Ritchie and Gloria Estefan will also be honorees at the 40th annual Kennedy Center Honors.

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The 40th annual honors will air on CBS December 26th at 9pm.