A Man With Dream To Mow Lawns Across The World

One man can literally change the world!

Rodney Smith is a man with a dream to do just that by mowing lawns across the world starting with all 50 states across America.

Smith is a native of Bermuda was attending Alabama A&M University a historically black college in 2016 when he came across an elderly man mowing his lawn and he decided to help him. While helping the elderly man he had a vision of what he wanted to do in life.

Smith told Huffington Post “When I came across the elderly man, my life changed,” he said, “I remember a few years before that, I had a one-on-one conversation with God. I asked him to use me as his vessel, and it didn’t happen at that moment. I believe it happened when I came across the elderly man outside mowing his lawn.”

After he helped the man mow his law Smith, 28, created RMLCS (Raising Men Lawn Care Service) which runs out of Huntsville, Alabama and  provides free lawn maintenance to the disabled, elderly, single mothers, and veterans.

While providing the free service the organization mentors children teaching them how to better serve their community along with lawn mower safety.

Through RMLCS Smith created the 50 Yard challenge which is an amazing program where kids nation wide can get involved to cut 50 lawns for veterans, disabled, single mothers, and the elderly in their community for FREE of course.


If you volunteer they will send you a white RMLCS shirt along with shades and ear protection to get started. For every 10 lawns you cut you get a different color shirt. Once you cut the 50 lawns Smith will come to your city to help you cut a few lawns and they will give you a brand new lawn mower!

“Since this challenge started in 2016, 12 kids have already completed the challenge” Smith told the Huffington Post. Both girls and boys have participated. He also said “we currently have 130 kids nationwide taking part in this challenge, including 7 in Bermuda and the U.K. and one in Canada. So it’s spreading worldwide.”

Smith was even recognized by the Queen Of England for his mission.

Check out the video of how he got started!

Amazing story!