VIPER Task Force Celebrates Success as Rochester Sees 9 Days of Peace

July 26, 2021

Two weeks ago, federal law enforcement agencies gathered in Rochester, NY to announce the newly formed VIPER Task Force and it’s 60-day initiative to curb gun violence in Western New York. It seems like it’s working. At the time of this writing, Rochester is celebrating it’s 9th day of peace. Meaning we’ve gone nine consecutive days without a homicide in the city.

On Friday, the U.S. Attorney’s office revealed the results of the agencies’ initial efforts to get criminals off the streets of both Rochester and Buffalo.

  • 138 total arrests
    • 45 firearm related arrests
    • 45 narcotics related arrests
    • 38 violent felony arrests
  • 22 total illegal firearms seized
  • 15 defendants adopted for federal prosecution


Prior to the formation of VIPER, there was 38 homicides in Rochester and two more shortly afterwards. It’s good to see this heavy law enforcement presence has been so successful, so quickly.

This proves my theory that we are generally a community of peace and that a small pocket of people are responsible for the violence that we’ve seen.

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