Violence Prevention Summit Brings National Experts to Rochester

July 30, 2021

On Thursday, Rochester held a Violence Prevention Summit. Mayor Lovely Warren was joined with other leaders to discuss the development of a city-wide approach to reducing shootings and violence.

People across the community and the country gave their input on the violence prevention programs.

City Councilman Willie Lightfoot stated:

“If you keep doing the same thing expecting different results, that’s insanity.”

He went on to say:

“And we’re bringing the communication gap between the community and the services the city offers.”

With that, a violence prevention expert from California, DeVone Boggan stated:

“Quite frankly in most cities that are impacted by such violence, those very individuals are not being engaged by any public or community-based system of care. It’s going to be very difficult to do good work that delivers optimal outcomes in cities when you’re not engaging those very people at the center of it.”

Rochester First