Video Of NBA Youngboy Allegedly Body Slamming Girlfriend

February 26, 2018

A few hours before NBA Youngboy was arrested in Florida over the weekend he was allegedly caught on a hotel surveillance camera body slamming his girlfriend.
Question can someone explain why is that athletes, politicians, actors, CEO’s, doctors, and lawyers all lose their jobs and have to apologize when something like this happens BUT rappers tend to be exempt???
Warning video is graphic and hard to watch.

What the hell is up with these young men/rappers being violent against women? Since when is this okay and where the hell are the OG rappers and why aren’t they addressing this??
Young men from Tekashi 6ix9nine, Xxxtentacion, and Kodak Black just to name a few have all either been convicted, charged with, or going through a case where they are violent towards women.
Maybe I’m old school or maybe it’s just that fact that I have morals or that I understand it is not okay to do shit like this to women PERIOD.
I mean am I missing something??? Because this is and was never the true nature of hip hop culture but yet this behavior is condoned today it’s like a badge of honor.
To the boys that think beating up women sign of strength it is not it’s a sign of weakness!
This is what is girlfriend Jania had to say… Mind you this is not the first time. Last time she defended him after he made her sleep in the hotel lobby so he could sleep with other women. He then took her shopping to make her “feel” better according to BET.
Someone close to this young lady needs to step in here…
The fact that you allow this boy to do this to you is NOT okay and trust honey he WILL do it again but I’m sure you know this. You are worth more than anything he could ever give you to continue to put up with him abusing you.. It’s not as cute as you are trying to make it out to be. I get it you are young and you think you know what time it is but the sad reality is you don’t…. He will destroy you from the inside out. One day you will get it, hopefully that one day won’t be too late….
He was arrested on kidnapping and weapons charges plus a violation of probation from a drive by shooting in Baton Rouge. The probation was for three years, $5000, and 250 hours of community service to avoid a 10 year sentence.
He is still in Florida and still in jail he might be there for a while.
Wait where are the freaking parents??????
Source TMZ