Utica Police Chief Discloses Police Records, Promoting Transparency In The Department

July 4, 2020

Police accountability has been at the top of the list of demands from protestors and demonstrators all over the country. In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill designed to repeal section 50a of the state Civil Rights Law, which keeps police disciplinary records from the public.

The bill added a ban on chokeholds as a standard police tactic and stated that the New York Attorney General would be an independent prosecutor when officers are charged with killing unarmed civilians.

Utica Police Chief Mark Williams announced that the city of Utica website has posted files containing his personal records as well as those of Deputy Chief Edward Noonan, each with over 100 pages of information.

The City Of Utica website has pledged to add ALL officer personnel records on a regular basis.

Democrat & Chronicle

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