Urban Suburban Program Helps City Students Apply to Suburban Schools [AUDIO]

January 9, 2021

Do you live in the city of Rochester but want an alternative to the Rochester City School District? Some parents turn to private or Charter Schools to educate their child, but what about enrolling in a suburban school district?

If you have family members who live outside the city, you may be tempted to illegally register your student using your cousin’s mailing address. But there is a better way.

I spoke to the Felicia Smith, the Program Director of the Urban Suburban Program, and she tells me that there are open seats in suburban school districts that are waiting for qualified city residents to fill.

Urban Suburban is the first and oldest voluntary desegregation program in the United States – with many cities looking to it for inspiration on how to run a successful inter-district transfer program. Its mission is to decrease racial isolation, deconcentrate poverty and enhance opportunities for students in the Rochester City School District and in the suburban districts of the Rochester area.

Take a listen to the interview as heard on 103.9 WDKX and if this sounds like a good option for your family, register before the February 12th 2021 deadline.

If you’ve previously applied, but did not receive placement last year, you should have received an application to reapply in the mail.

Qualifications for Urban Suburban applicants:

For any parent (must be the child’s legal guardian) interested in applying to the program, their child:

must be a resident of the City of Rochester at the time they apply
must be in grades PreK–8 at the time they apply. (Students in grades 9–12 at the time of application are not eligible.)

Contact Urban-Suburban today at (585) 249- 7045 for an application or download the application from www.monroe.edu/usapply and make sure it reaches the officer before February 12.