May 21, 2020

Monroe County now has drive-thru food distribution in partnership with Foodlink. The distribution supplies the public with emergency food boxes in response to the COVID-19 public health crisis. Pre-registration is required. Distribution sites are scheduled throughout the city to try and reach as many people in need as possible.
This call to action is extremely necessary and could use all hands on deck. Not everyone in need knows about this and some people who know may not be available to receive it during the scheduled times. This is all new territory and things are not perfect.
My mother, being a giver, recognized the space between this opportunity and the people who need it. She decided, as a patron of the community, to take her personal food distributions, that she registered for, to random low income neighborhoods asking around if people needed anything. There has been pretty decent weather lately so, more people are outside. I’m used to her character but, this is just an example what can be done and why she won the Martin Luther King Unsung Hero Award at Syracuse University years ago. I encourage those that are in a position to give to become a dedicated patron of this community and help your neighbor.Take note of those in need and offer your assistance emotionally psychologically or financially but we have to help one another if we are going to get through this storm.