Two Men In Nashville Base Jump Off Of The Grand Hyatt Hotel

January 4, 2021

On New Years Day, two base jumpers who were staying at the Grand Hyatt Nashville Hotel went to the rooftop bar and calmly walked off the building, frightening patrons and sending them into a ‘mass panic.’

Nashville’s own Amanda Bagley was catching up with friends at the bar when “a couple of guys base jumped off the roof,” she posted on Facebook. The video of her reaction that accompanied the post has since gone viral, as it also shows the men approach and leap off the roof.

The staff tried to get them to stop, but the daredevils ignored their calls.

“They had all the gear and just brazenly walked out there like they knew what they were doing,” Bagley told Nashville’s WSMV TV. “I would be lying if (I said) I wasn’t experiencing some trauma. There was staff shouting that you can’t do that.”

USA Today