Two Colorado Officers Arrested in use of Force Incident

July 30, 2021

Two Colorado police officers apart of the Aurora Police Department were arrested on criminal charges due to use of force. The Aurora police chief described the act as “very despicable.”

John Raymond, 39 and Francine Ann Martines, 40 were charged for an incident that occurred on July 23rd. The incident was caught on a body cam.

Reid Elkus, attorney for Haubert stated:

“My client is pleading not guilty and like any other person that is accused of a crime, my client is presumed innocent. And as a result of that presumption, our firm will be rigorously and zealously defending Officer Haubert.”

CNN gives more background on the charges and stated:

“Haubert was charged with attempted first-degree assault, second-degree assault, felony menacing, official oppression and first-degree official misconduct, according to the APD. Martinez was charged with two misdemeanors — failing to intervene and failing to report use of force by a peace officer.”