Tropical Storm Zeta Makes Landfall And Pushes Up Louisiana Coast

October 29, 2020

There is yet another tropical storm making its way through the Gulf Coast.

Tropical storm Zeta made landfall on Wednesday with winds in excess of 110 miles per hour.

It hit Louisiana by way of Cocoderie and is following a path similar to that of Hurricane Laura and Delta.

This is the the 11 tropical storm / hurricane to impact the United States this year, setting records for highest number of storms and hurricanes to hit the nation and being the fifth storm to hit the state of Louisiana.

“Winds already where whipping through New Orleans as Zeta started to hammer the city. Only one or two cars could be seen on the streets and a bridge across the Mississippi River was hidden behind a wall of storm clouds. The wail of a police siren could be heard, and power outages were being reported in various neighborhoods around New Orleans.”

USA Today

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