Training Videos Show Poll Workers How To Keep Stations Sanitized

October 8, 2020

Poll workers are receiving extra training this year to make sure everything stays sanitized at the voting stations.

The new rules and regulations include sanitizing procedures to make sure COVID-19 doesn’t spread during the polling.

Diane Gibson, with the Monroe County Board Of Elections released a statement, saying:

“We do have a video that shows that shows them how to keep the area sanitized, and we also have a greeter at the door who will be providing hand sanitizer and ensuring masks, and they want to make sure they’re maintaining that limited capacity.”

Poll worker Andrew Eskind also commented on the new procedures:

“Well the check-in machines for one, dealing with COVID-19 for two, we’re hearing about surprises we might be encountering like people who don’t want to wear masks. If someone doesn’t want to wear a mask we pull them aside and call the commissioner and say do we get an exception here, how do we deal with an anti-masker.”


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