“Trackstar” Artist Mooski Faces Backlash From TikTok Dance Creator [VIDEO]

April 19, 2021

Melodic rapper Mooski has enjoyed a whirlwind of success this past year. But you know what they say, more money mo problems. He’s now being called out for allegedly ignoring the TikTok creator who helped his song “Trackstar” blow up on the app.

According to City Boy J, he may have created the challenge but says “someone don’t wanna work with me because of who I am.”


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TikTok dance challenges have been instrumental in catapulting new songs, and we often see the artist pay homage to the creators in the music video.

IE: Drake “In my Feelings, Doja Cat “Say So” and Foushee “Deep End”


The official Trap Star music video dropped last week, starring “No More Parties” artist Coi Leray, not City Boi J!

He is the creator of the #ShesaRunner dance challenge that went viral on TikTok. Oddly, the video omitted both the viral dance and it’s creator.

When Jazzy T asked Mooski about the TikTok challenge, he referred to Coi Leray as the creator of two challenges using the “Trackstar” sound. He does mention City Boi as an additional creator, only in passing.

Listen to the full interview here.