Top News Story: Fire Rips Through London’s Grenfell Tower

According to BBC News, six people are dead and more than 70 people have been hospitalized at this time from a fire that roared through a west London tower Tuesday night. The fire is still burning this morning and more casualties are expected according to authorities. 

The blaze was reported at 12:54 (British Summer Time) and was said to have started on the 4th floor and spread extremely fast.

Victoria Jones/PA via AP Photo
Victoria Jones/PA via AP Photo

Witnesses say people were trapped in the building. The tower has 120 flats (apartments) so there would around 700 people in the building at the time the fire started.

People who live in that tower block that have evacuated are asked to let authorities know they are safe.


The Grenfell Action Group said they had voiced concerns regarding the building maintenance and stating there are fire risks.

The story is still developing.