Top Lies Told On Social Media

January 23, 2020

Last time on Feedback Friday we discussed relationships and social media. The subject of being dishonest on social media came up and if you know someone who lies about themselves online.

We all said we knew at least one person that wasn’t honest about their life on social media versus real life.

So, my next question was what is the biggest lie or most told lie on social media?

After some research and asking real people here is what I’ve come up with:

When it comes to dating, people want to appear as attractive as possible so they will lie about their appearance, what they like, or their availability. Selfies – #nofilter or the person took the perfect selfie on the very first try.

One big lie told on social media is of course followers meaning real people vs. bought followers or bots.

Another big lie people tell on social media is they are deleting their page/profile. According to most people that leave end up coming back to the social media platform they left.

Here is a good one people lie about often – relationship status. From it’s complicated, in transition, they are just friends, or they lie about how many kids they have.

Now we are down to the top 3 biggest lies on social media.

Coming in at third is fame. According to people want to appear more desirable than what they are and they are more concerned with fame than giving back to help others in need.

The second biggest lie is success and accomplishments – #goals, #relationship goals. Roughly  70-75% of people between the ages of 25-45 say that they have lied to make themselves look more successful than what they really are.

As for the top lie on social media, that would be image.

More than half of people on Instagram have lied about vacations, places they’ve ate, and establishments they have been. They said they spent way more money than they actually did and they lied about their appearance by altering their pictures.

What lies have you consistently seen on social media?

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