MAXIMUS is hiring 40 Bilingual Spanish Consumer Service Specialist IIIs.

 These positions start at $15.00 per hour. All positions are Full Time – no Part Time position.

 Below are the minimum requirements of this opportunity –

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • 6 months Customer Service Experience
  • Ability to Speak, Read, & Translate in English and Spanish fluently


The University of Rochester has 41 open positions which are attached to this link  All interested applicants, please apply online at

Be sure to upload your cover letter and/or resume as one document when applying.  Upon completion of the online process, you will receive an email stating, your application has been successfully submitted.


Job Description

Seeking skilled business development/salespeople who want to spread their wings in a growing local business. Site Hub is looking to double-down on its local client base as well as expand into nearby markets and beyond.

The responsibilities of the selected applicant will include:

  • Prospect Generation / List building
  • Research on potential clients in a given area
  • Relationship building with business owners
  • Cold Calling
  • Use and understanding of website scanners, basic SEO tools, and other digital marketing benchmarking tools
  • Proposal creation and solution selling
  • Closing the deal!
  • (future) Building and running a sales team 


  • Great attitude
  • Efficiency-minded
  • Solution Oriented
  • Experience / Knowledge of Digital Marketing, Advertising, Data & Analytics, and Sales in General.
  • Ability to connect with strangers

Feel free to send in questions before applying. *

About Site Hub

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $30,000.00 to $40,000.00 /year + Commission

Can apply to be a home care aid for senior/ person with disability. Can get paid to take care of family member or loved ones
link for people to go apply at:


Wardrobe is one of the most stressful parts of preparing for an interview – the key is to keep it simple. I’m not saying dress like a 1980’s applicant for an accounting position in accounts payable.  I’m saying stick to the basics.
Stay way from flashing prints or eye distracting items. Most common distractions are going to be your shirt, tie, blouse or accessories. The distraction can in many situations cause someone to miss your points and insights being addressed pertaining the job you are interviewing for.
Wear clothes that fit. Make sure you are comfortable. New clothes are great, just make sure they fit you well, not too tight and not to loose. Your personality and your degree of comfort in a room with people you haven’t met is very important. Wearing a tight jacket or heels you aren’t used to walking in will throw you off your game. Standing confident in your own skin while interviewing is a powerful asset. Demonstrate it.
One of the most important items to omit from your wardrobe is cologne or perfume. Sometimes the smell of a cologne or perfume can rub someone the wrong way. They could have allergies. Or the fragrance may wake up a suppressed hunger for an interviewer that didn’t have breakfast! In these situations, interviewers may want to just get the interview over with in hopes of getting some fresh air or a bite of someone’s leftover donut in the breakroom.
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