Tomi Lahren Strikes Again… Yes People Like Her Really Do Exist (Video)


Tomi Lahren is scary and not in a physical sense but in the way of her thoughts and ideas i.e. a mindset.

Reason being she is able to reach millions of people to share her thoughts and ideas via television (The Blaze), social media, and internet.

Believe it or not a LOT of people in Amerikkka feel and think in the same manner as Tomi Lahren does.

Lahren is consistently disrespectful to our President this time calling him “Barry” and now blaming the shootings in Dallas on President Obama and “two black attorney general’s”…. SMDH!!   

Apparently, she feels like the country is falling apart and increased race relations are due to the fact that we have black leaders in office.

Oh and she is serious!

I don’t know what rock she lives under but honey we have had race problems in America for a very long time.

Tomi maybe you are not aware of the fact that there have been 42 “caucasian” presidents previously in office with “caucasian” Attorney General’s in moments of increased racial tensions. #RodneyKing #WattsRiots #segregation

Anyway… I just thought I would shed some light on the fact that the way Tomi thinks so do many other folks in America. #Awake #Aware #KnowledgeIsPower

Watch & learn folks watch & learn…..


– Reign