Thruway executive director Resigns Amid Talks Of Toll Hike

December 2, 2022

As the New York State Thruway Authority plans to raise the cost of tolls, its executive director, Matthew Driscoll, is planning to step down as of December 20. While reasons were not confirmed for Driscoll’s resignation, state lawmakers on both sides are not taking kindly to the idea of a toll hike.

The proposal for the toll hike includes a 5 percent increase for those with New York E-ZPass tags and a steep 75 percent hike for those who don’t. Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara (D-Rotterdam) called the proposal “outrageous,” stating: “I was shocked to see that this proposal is even coming out during such difficult times when people are struggling with the effects of inflation, rising cost of goods and services. People are really struggling to make ends meet. There are tough times out there.”

Source: 13 WHAM