Things to remember when enjoying NYS outdoor spaces

August 8, 2020

New York State has gorgeous outdoor spaces, from woods to lakes to bogs, (like a bounce-house but made of moss, requires a wilderness escort for safety but Worth It!) and everyone should be able to enjoy them, especially because our nice-weather-season is a little short. The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) put out some reminders yesterday to keep in mind while enjoying the outdoors, some are site specific like the Adirondacks, Catskills or High Peaks Wilderness and others are general recommendations.

  • No campfires in the Eastern Zone of the High Peaks Wilderness
  • No camping on summits
  • Put camping tents on a durable surface, such as hardened soil, leaf litter, or pine duff, not on vegetation.
  • Bear canisters are required for all overnight campers in the Eastern Zone of the High Peaks Wilderness
  • Bikes, Drones, and ATVs are not allowed

They also include some helpful tips for Leaving no trace–leave with what you came in with, including your garbage.

They ended this safety overview with a COVID reminder; If you aren’t feeling well, stay home.

Source: Rochester First