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The U.S. Government Wins Lawsuit Against Edward Snowden For More Than $5 Million

September 23, 2020

Do you remember Edward Snowden? He was the one who leaked documents of the NSA surveillance programs in 2013. The documents showed the surveillance by the NSA operated outside of the U.S. Constitution. Well, he is currently living in Russia and he has not yet been pardoned by the United States.

The reason Mr. Snowden has popped back up in the news is because of his book Permanant Record and its profits. The United States government said he did not get approval from them to do the book so they want the money. Reports say Mr. Snowden agreed to pay more than $5 million but Mr. Snowden took to Twitter to provide clarity to the situation.

He has said he would like to return to the United States if he could be guaranteed a fair trial. His supporters want him pardoned and President Trump has thrown the notion out there that a pardon could happen. Snowden will put the money from his book and royalties totaling $4.2 million and $1.3 million for speeches in a trust. That was an agreement he worked out with the Trump Administration.

Do you think Edward Snowden will actually give the United States government the $5 million?

You know what I never watched his movie now that I think about it… Welp guess that is on my to do list for this weekend!



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