The “Stanky Poo” Rant

June 13, 2019

written by ari

Have you ever been on the highway and someone cuts you off? Or a car fails to let you merge and speeds up instead?? How about when you’re walking and casually give a courtesy smile to a stranger and they give you back an eye roll or a stank face?? Well folks, we call these people “Stanky Poos”.

A “Stanky Poo” is someone who does an unnecessary act and gives you the look of “TRY ME” as if you did something wrong! It is the people who look you up and down in a foul way when you’re just chilling and unbothered.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand people have rough days or maybe they ran into a “Stanky Poo” earlier and it just rubbed off on them. Whatever it was, let’s try and rise above negativity and make your day positive despite the “Stanky Poos” in the world.

We’re all about good vibes this summer! ✌??