The Murder of Malcolm X is Being Reviewed

February 13, 2020

A case about the death of Malcolm X has been reopened by the Attorney’s Office of Manhattan after a Netflix documentary addressed who committed the murder. Malcolm X was assassinated on February 21st, 1965, in front of his family as he was giving a speech in New York City. About a year before his death, he had renounced his membership of the Nation Of Islam (a movement) and started getting death threats from people he thought to be members of the movement. The documentary digs into who killed Malcolm X and helps in proving the innocence of the accused, Aziz and Islam.

Prosecuting Attorney Vance had a meeting in regard to the Innocence Project concerning the case. The news also concludes with the officer accepting to review the matter. Due to the importance of this case, Charles King and Peter Casolaro, the Deputy Chief and Senior Trial Counsel respectively, have been commissioned by the Prosecuting Attorney to pilot this prelude review. According to an investigation that was done a while back, Halim was physically linked to the murder, therefore Islam and Aziz were not involved. The current news from NBC News states that the case will be further reviewed.

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