The Day After Valentine’s Day Blog February 15th Pseudo-Single Women Day of Reckoning

February 15, 2020

(Bowick— Health Beats) — February 15th is a tougher day for “Pseudo-Single” women than Valentine’s Day. She will wake up to bags. Coach Bag, Gucci Bag, Diamond Ring in a Bag, Bag of Chocolates, NOPE, bilateral Under-Eye bags as a result of the tear stream that flowed as she struggled to sleep last night. She held out hope that this time he would come through as promised. The delivery finally arrived, during her first morning glance in the mirror, the date is now February 15th. The sadness in her puffy eyes opened to the harsh reality that Valentine’s Day came and went, and he gave her no roses, no romance, no candlelight and no slow dance.

Now she asks, what is “pseudo-single”? Sis, I understand the need to digress. The first paragraph aches a freshly broken heart. Pseudo-Single defines an unfulfilling synthetic relationship status, in which you know that you are rolling alone, but intermittent contact feels good enough to convince yourself that you have another. She is not feeling him today, but that’s just how it has always been.
Will she try again? She told him that she needed more walks, more talks and more feeling close. He can’t read her mind, he didn’t know that meant roses, romance, candlelight and slow dance. He needs more time, more space and more freedom.

On this day of reckoning, February 15, will his lies be more comforting than her lonely truth? When she takes a full account of what she has invested in him, in them, will the dividends be satisfying? He is hanging by the telephone, staring at her photograph, wondering, hoping that complacent is where she will stay. He will promise to give her some roses, a whole lot of romance, a little candlelight and slow dance. Valentine’s Day is now 364 days away, maybe she will try again.

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