The Cut Creator

May 14, 2019

written by atu

The most important technique in a DJ’s performance once the playlist is set is the mastery of segue. In this exciting demonstration, the DJ has mastered multiple techniques. Here are a few..

Always important in maintaining entertainment value for the listener. It can be used to maintain excitement when moving forward in the mix. The experience of DJ’ing allows crowd interaction which can assist in choosing the position of each track played. Depending on the song choice, the DJ has the option of when to segue.

Most DJ’s begin as listeners in that their playlist is based on personal enjoyment. The experienced DJ’s enjoyment is utilized best when these choices are in direct relation to popularity or are familiar to the audience. Crowd response is key! However the DJ plans to sway the audience is always connected to knowing the relativity to the music chosen.

While the music is playing it is always important to be in the moment as a listener. This makes for a more effective decision in how a mix is manipulated through the creative process. No matter the creative decision, continuity is most important to the listener.

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