The Carters Everything Is Love Album Reign Review

I get a text from DJ Sight Saturday night saying “You heard that new Jay-Z and Beyoncé album?”

Before I texted him back you know I had to look it up right?

Sight likes to play games with me and I wasn’t about to fall for that bait lol. 


I almost dropped my phone when The Carters Everything Is Love popped up !

Sight was on it this weekend lol.

My thoughts on The Carters….

***king genius!

Unique, love, full of life, positive vibes, fun, and again ***king genius!

I legit had fun listening to Everything Is Love. It was like they put their arms around you and gave you a big hug through the music lol.

It is black, beautiful, proud, raw, Hip Hop, R&B, uplifting, lit, and solidifies why Beyoncé and Jay-Z are both the icons they are.

To simplify it is BEAUTIFUL, it is art.

I’m SO happy Bey is my Virgo mother.

My favorite songs – NICE, 713, APES**T

Favorite lyrics – ummm when Bey sings the word N**ga.. She makes it sound so… damn… good as if that is even possible.

Smh can I have my life back now, they just snatched it all up lol

Oh and Jay in BOSS

No cap, false, nigga, you not a boss, you got a boss
Niggas getting jerked, that shit hurts, I take it personally
Niggas rather work for the man than to work with me
Just so they can pretend they on my level, that shit is irkin’ to me
Pride always goeth before the fall, almost certainly”

Listen to it yourself it is available on Tidal, Apple, Spotify.

Here is the video for APES**T

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