The Black vote is not going to be free according to Diddy

May 4, 2020


American singer Diddy has confirmed that he won’t vote for Joe Biden if he does not change the quality of life for black communities in America. Speaking candidly with supermodel Naomi Campbell on her YouTube series “No Filter” with Naomi, Diddy argued Biden had to earn the black vote. He said, ‘the Black vote is not gon’ be for free… We’re gonna have to see some promises. We’re gonna have to understand what kind of deal we’re getting out of—what are we getting in return for our vote?’

Diddy expressed his belief that the black vote is often taken for granted by Democrat candidates and that the Democrat party should be ready to earn their vote.

Diddy is no stranger to politics, he started a ‘Vote or Die’ campaign during the 2004, 2008, and 2012 elections to encourage young black individuals to use their power and to vote during the presidential campaign. Although Diddy expressed in 2016 he was willing to resurrect the campaign, he has not officially announced his ‘Vote or Die’ campaign will be coming back for this election.

During the interview, Diddy encourages young black men and women to look at what politicians are offering their communities, not just to vote for who they are least scared of.

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