The Beast Takes Peru

August 7, 2019

For those of you that listen to us every Saturday during Memory Lane, you know the whole Memory Lane crew loves to go cycling every weekend. It’s an intense route and we get a little competitive. You might be familiar with one member of our group Rachel, but we call her, the Beast. She lives up to her nickname because she crushes the route every week & I have to hear about it every week.

Now last weekend I was trailing behind but I wasn’t about to come in last. So I waited till the Beast and the rest of the group were just far enough ahead where I couldn’t see them anymore so I took a short cut! I think I cut about 4 miles off the route and jumped right back on at the right time – far enough back enough for the judge not to see and far enough ahead of the Beast and the rest of the group. I’m telling you the timing was PERFECT!! Oh my god and everyone was so mad I came in second especially, the Beast. That’s all she was talking about before she left for her trip to Peru. She could not figure out how I beat her. Well now you know! Hope you enjoy your trip Rachel!

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