Texas Teen Won’t Graduate Unless He Cuts Hair

January 23, 2020

A Texas high school senior may not be able to graduate with his class in a few months due to the length of of his hair.

DeAndre Arnold, a student in the Barbers Hill school district, was a topic of discussion during the district’s board meeting held on Dr Martin Luther King Jr Day. The board insists that the schools dress code is not racially motivated when it comes to certain hairstyles like DeAndre’s.
DeAndre was told he wouldn’t be able to graduate in a few months unless he cuts his dreadlocks, several different activist stood next to DeAndre and supported him. The superintendent said there’s no dress code policy that prohibits cornrows or dreadlocks but it does have a limit on hair length. “When you look at the school board you’ll understand that there’s no diversity there” says one of the activists Gary Monroe.
Deandres family is hoping this doesn’t hold him back from receiving his papers and they’re looking into what legal actions can be taken if he doesn’t graduate.

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