Texas Mayor Resigned After Tell City Residents On Social Media To Figure Out How To Survive During There Natural Disaster

February 21, 2021

We got to embrace and appreciate our mayor, Mayor Lovely Warren between everything that’s going on in the city of Rochester on top of whatever she’s going on her personal life She still stands strong and stays committed to the job and is still to helping people in the community.

We all know the state of Texas is under an emergency after being hit with snow and dealing with floods and power outages and in some areas with no running water.
A former mayor Tim Boyd from the city of Colorado City, Texas has resigned after pretty much telling residence that they’re on their own when it comes to survival during these crazy times.
The former mayor wrote an incensative message on social media for people desperate for heat, water, and power, saying “only the strong will survive and the weak will parish.”
He also goes on to say “No one owes you or your family anything nor is the local government responsibility to support you during trying times like this.”
It’s crazy how the same people that help you get an office are the same you turn your back on. That’s why we always say do your research on people before they earn your vote.

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