Texas Man Receives 50 Years In Prison For Stealing Fajitas

Texas man gets 50 year prison sentence after he stole $1.2 million in fajita meat.  

When greed kicks in it will ultimately be your downfall. That is what happened to Gilberto Escamilla who pleaded guilty in a Texas court Friday to heft by a public servant. Escamilla said in court “it was selfish and got bigger and out of control.”

Escamilla was ordering fajita meat through the Darrel B. Hester Juvenile Detention Center in San Benito, Texas where he was an employee and reselling them outside of work for profit.

He ended up getting caught when he had a shipment of 800-pounds to be delivered on the his day off. The company Labatt Food Service called the detention center to let them know he was delivering the meat. That is when the employees realized something wasn’t right.

The employees told the delivery driver they don’t make fajitas for the kids and that is when the driver stated he had been delivering fajita meat to them for 9 years.

Escamilla was fired and when the authorities went to his home they also found fajita meat in his refrigerator.

He is accused of using county funds to purchase the fajita and has also been ordered to pay back the $1,251,578.72 he stole plus a $10,000 fine.


Source: Brownsville Herald