Texan Woman Tape Records Doctors during Surgery


I came across an article that I was hesitant to open because the headline seemed unreal.  “Black Woman Records Surgery And Hears Doctor And Staff Calling Her Racially Insensitive Slurs.”  What!? How do you record your own surgery without surgeon’s knowledge? Whatever!  But after a few instances of strategically bypassing the article, I decided to give it a chance.

The article featured an African American Texan woman by the name of Ethel Easter who needed immediate hernia surgery.  Instances prior to her surgery, Easter was subjected to moments of ridicule and prejudice by her doctors, when requesting an earlier operating date, which gave her the incentive to record her operation. She tactfully placed the recorder in her box braid extensions before being wheeled into the operating room.  Is this even safe?

Well, after surgery Easter replayed the conversation that occurred amongst the operating staff during her surgery, and you won’t believe your ears.  The mockery included negative comments about her body, at one moment referring to her as “Precious”; along with comments about her overall character.

As of right now, disciplinary action has been a simple warning issued to the OR staff.

We hope that Easter receives justice.



Racqui B.