Teen Pushed Off A Bridge By Friend Into River (Video)

What would you do if your best friend pushes you off of a bridge?

That really happened in Washington State. A 16 year old girl was pushed off of a bridge 60 feet above a river by her friend. 

The girl, 16 year old Jordan Holgerson did say “no I won’t go in” right before her friend pushes her off the bridge.

Holgerson’s sister confronted the friend on social media and the girl who pushed her sister said she was sorry and wouldn’t of done it if she had known Jordan was going to get hurt…..

Smh, that thought shouldn’t of even crossed her mind.

Jordan suffered multiple injuries. She has five broken ribs, air bubbles in her chest, punctured lung, injured trachea, and bruising all over her body.

Frontliners what are your thoughts?