Tallahassee Woman Finds Raccoon In Her Christmas Tree

December 21, 2020

A woman in Florida woke up to shuffling sounds in her living room. When she went out to investigate she saw her Christmas tree shaking and something grey moving underneath the boughs.

Aubrey Iacobelli of Tallahassee got her phone out and started recording, saying:

“There’s a cat in my Christmas Tree!”

In the video you can see her dog sitting next to the tree waiting for something to happen, while she pokes the intruder with a frying pan and wise man statue.

Tension builds and comes to a head when the dog comes in and lunges at the tree. The cat turns out to be a raccoon. Iacobelli can be heard pleading with the animal:

“Don’t knock over my tree!!”

The animals go at it in her living room, and she ends up shooing the raccoon out with a broom.

The video went viral pretty quickly and has even inspired a new Christmas song.

USA Today

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