Fair or Foul?

July 19, 2019

Written by DJ Sight A Pennsylvania school district is under fire after mailing out letters to parents who owed money for school lunches, where they threatened to report the parents to child protective services for not providing food for their child. I think this is foul because there could be a number of reasons why […]

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The Face App

July 17, 2019

Written by DJ Sight One of the newest trending topics that’s going crazy on social media right now is an app called The Face App. This app lets you take a picture and gives you an idea of what you’re going to look like when you become elderly, and also brings back memories as it […]

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Trouble At The Blue Cross Arena

July 16, 2019

Written by DJ Sight Last week we reported that the Jehovah’s Witness convention would not be coming to Rochester’s Blue Cross Arena this year after 3 decades. We just learned there are more events that are not coming back. This year Sesame Street Live, Disney On Ice and Monster Jam, which makes a yearly stop […]

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You heard of snakes on a plan? How about snakes in your toilet.

July 12, 2019

Written by DJ Sight Imagine coming home from a long day of work, you put your keys and bags down and you rush to the bathroom because you felt like your bladder was about to explode. Then you get to the toilet and lift up the seat and you see a snake inside waiting for […]

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A Little Flashback Friday For You

July 5, 2019

Written by DJ Sight We’re about 6 months away to the start of a new decade and everybody’s always reminiscing about how great the 90’s was. I appreciate the 90’s because I lived my teenage years in that decade. So I felt like I wanted to do something special for the millennials  Give them something […]

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Uprep’s Class Of 2019 Receives Gift From Keystone Speaker

July 3, 2019

Written by DJ Sight University Preparatory Charter School For Young Men’s class of 2019 received a gift from their keystone speaker, Dr Saadiq El-Amin. Over the weekend nearly 60 graduating students from UPrep were gifted $1000 each. The students were just as surprised as parents and even some staff. We gotta give thanks to Dr. Saadiq El-Amin who […]

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Gun Buy Back Program, Saturday 6/29

June 28, 2019

written by dj sight   The Rochester Gun Buy Back program event is happening this weekend. Gift cards will be offered in exchange for all firearms that are returned.

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Early Childhood School No. 57 End Of The Year Dance Party

June 26, 2019

written by dj sight It’s that time of the year again where kids are finished with school and they are beginning their summer breaks.

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Money Brings Out The Worst In People

June 25, 2019

Written by dj sight  A woman is suing her ex girlfriend after she allegedly stole her winning “Lucky For Life” lottery ticket. The woman said she gave her now ex girlfriend the ticket to hold. The two were supposed to go to Raleigh, NC to cash the ticket together, but instead the ex girlfriend took […]

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🚦Traffic Alert🚦

June 25, 2019

written by dj sight It can be very annoying when you find out your normal commute is being detoured because of road construction. Well the intersection of Mount Read boulevard and Buffalo road is expected to be shut down for 5 weeks starting July 8th. I figured I’d be proactive and help everyone out who […]

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