Watercooler Topic: High School Teacher Fights Student

(DJ Sight) Over the weekend a video surfaced and went viral of a high school music teacher and student getting into a fight at Maywood Academy High School in Los Angeles. The music teacher was arrested and the student was taken to the hospital with minor injuries after the fight. 

Autistic Teen From Syracuse Attacked By 57 Year Old Man In Rochester

**UPDATE: ** Warrant was not denied as stated in new article. The warrant was not issued because of the incomplete report filed by RPD. Report stated victim was non-verbal without witness account of incident. The RPD needed to have a witness statement in order for the judge to approve the warrant for the 57 year …

Hate Crime Investigation At Brighton High School For Racist Threat

Tuesday authorities say a student reported a hateful threat toward black people saying “the N****r should die”. This is the second time within the last two weeks racist threats were made. Last week Fairport players allegedly used anti-semetic language during the lacrosse game against Brighton.