Woman Holds Wedding And Open Casket Funeral Together To Cut Cost

May 14, 2019

A woman in Santa Maria, California made the decision to have her wedding and the open casket funeral of her aunt together to save money on the cost of the church a few days before her wedding was supposed to take place.

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Win Money and Tickets! (via Al’s Walkman)

April 6, 2016

It’s WDKX’s 42nd Birthday, but we’re giving you, the listeners, the gift! Listen to Al Parisi tell you how you can win by CLICKING HERE!

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How To Play Thousand Dollar Thursday On WDKX

January 25, 2019

Contest Rules Listen out for the money slang word of the day only on the WDKX Wake Up Club 5:30am-10am 

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AT&T Technician Steals Money From Woman Via Cash App (Video)

September 25, 2018

(Orlando, Florida) A woman catches an AT&T technician sending himself $50 via Cash App from her phone after setting up her WiFi. 

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Michael Jordan Made More Money In 2014 Than In His NBA Career

September 17, 2015

Jordan sneaker than he made in his NBA career. Jordan made $100 million selling his signature brand sneakers in 2014. He made a total of $94 million during his entire 15 year career according to PBS.org. [caption id="attachment_2122" align="alignnone" width="194"] Michael Jordan[/caption] [caption id="attachment_2123" align="alignnone" width="300"] Jordan 6s[/caption] He was the highest paid retired athlete last year. Read […]

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Beyoncé Takes Top Spot As The Highest Paid Woman In Music

November 22, 2017

Beyoncé has official secured the ultimate bag! Queen Bey takes the top spot as the highest paid woman in music knocking off Taylor Swift who previously held that position. Taylor comes in 3rd this year with $44 million.

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R. Kelly May Be Singing A New Tune… Twelve Pay

July 9, 2015

He also said he talked to R. Kelly about the situation and that he still owes him $11k in back pay but the Pied Piper didn't care. So Bruce decided to put his foot down and take little bro and take matters to the State of Illinois. Looks like the Pied Piper isn't the one [...]
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Da Brat Owes An Extra $1.3 Million In Lawsuit By Ex-Cheerleader

December 11, 2017

Da Brat’s bottle service back in 2007 led to a hefty lawsuit while she was in prison and now has to pay an extra $1.3 million in  interest because she hasn’t paid a dime yet.  

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