When Mom Ruins Your Instagram Video

If you need a good laugh today check out this Instagram post by @official.keeno his mom is too funny. Parents you ever walk in on your kid in mid video of something they know better doing?

Video Of The Day: Fetty Mom – House Queen

Video of the day! Best lines: Drive a mini van, rather have a lambo… Knocking at the door crying about the same thing they already know!.. Go Mom lol Pretty creative.. House Queen hahahaha!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0g_8eSqAqDE&list=RD0g_8eSqAqDE#t=40

Chewbacca Will Make You Laugh – Mom Goes Live On FaceBook With Mask (Video)

Soooooo it’s cool to be Chewy! I appreciate this mom (Candace Payne) for this Facebook Live video because it’s awesome and it absolutely made my day! Growing up people called me Chewbacca and they would make the noise he makes when I came around that is why video for me is EVERYTHING!! The video has …