Grub Hub Lawsuit

written by dj sight Grub Hub is under fire for allegedly charging restaurants compensation fees for orders that were never placed. Some restaurants are claiming they’ve been charged thousands of dollars and they want it back. We shall see what happens going forward with their lawsuit. As a customer I recall having one issue with Grub …

Civil Rights Lawyer Sues The City Of Washington, D.C. For $1Billion

Civil Rights attorney Aristotle Theresa filed a lawsuit against the city of Washington, D.C. seeking $1 billion in damages for gentrification. The suit claims that the urban renewal policies and city housing have discriminated against some of city’s longstanding African-American residents forcing them out of neighborhoods.

JAY-Z Faces Reasonable Doubt Lawsuit

Jay-Z has been hit with a lawsuit over his debut album Reasonable Doubt because he hasn’t paid the royalties he agreed to pay to the guy who helped Roc-A-Fella with their distribution deal.