Inspiring Beauty 2017

Inspiring Beauty: Empowering Young Women: The Mayors Red Carpet Affair WDKX and Mayor Lovely Warren are hosting this special event for young women ages 16-24 ONLYDate:  Saturday, June 3rd  (5pm – 7pm) Location:  Joseph A. Floreano Rochester Riverside Convention CenterYoung women will the opportunity to mingle with other young women, meet and network with highly …

What “Inspiring Beauty” Means To You

Empowering beauty involves discovering one’s self-worth! This endeavor first entails finding your identity, the very thing you were created to be! Each one of us were created as something unique and special. Connecting with that identity empowers oneself to begin to step in their potential, which is endless. It’s beautiful! It empowers!

What “Inspiring Beauty” Means to You

Beauty is a broad term. I believe that everything has beauty and being able to see beauty in everything you do and everyone you meet is how you start to realize the beauty in yourself. The definition of “inspire” is to produce or arouse a feeling or thought (

What “Inspiring Beauty” Means to You

Beauty is an abstract thing that some often try to present as concrete. We live in a society where Euro-centric features are considered the beauty ideal, and anyone that looks different is inferior. But what is beauty? Can it be defined by something as physical as a face or a body?