Cardi B With James Corden Carpool Karaoke

Yet again, this is why we absolutely love Card B! This will brighten your day, I know I couldn’t stop smiling and cracking up watching. Oh and James Corden tries to teach her how to drive hahahaha. Thank you for genuinely being you and enjoying life Cardi!! Warning Some Explicit Language  

Bernie Sanders Tells The World Cardi B Is Right

Cardi B is one of the most underrated individuals of our current time. People have doubted her talent, her creativity, and even her intelligence but yet she has prevailed every single time. She recently did an interview with GQ where she mentioned Social Security and Bernie Sanders agrees with her thought. 

Cardi B’s Performance Of ‘Be Careful’ On SNL

First and foremost congratulations Cardi B on all of your blessings and success!!! Durning her Saturday Night Live Performance she revealed she was indeed pregnant!! Second, Cardi B’s performance was in all aspects artistically beautiful. It was another layer of Cardi that most have never seen and I’m sure did not expect.