Frederick Douglass’ Name Misspelled For Nearly 130 Years

The Great Western Staircase is located in the New York State Capitol Building in Albany, NY, and portrays busts of famous New York State historical figures and significant scenes in American history.

Among the 77 busts carved, some of the names include, Susan B. Anthony, Christopher Columbus, Benjamin Franklin, and, most importantly, Frederick Douglass. Continue reading “Frederick Douglass’ Name Misspelled For Nearly 130 Years”

February is Black History Month

  January 7 W.B. Purvis patented the fountain pen 1890 Marian Anderson, first Black person to appear in Metropolitan Opera in Verdi’s Masked Ball 1955 January 8 Fannie M. Jackson, pioneer and educator, first Black woman college graduate in US born (1836 – 1913)

Black History: Constance Mitchell

Constance Mitchell Originally from New Rochelle, New York, Constance Mitchell moved to Rochester, N.Y. with her husband John Mitchell in 1950. She played a very active role in empowering the community socially, politically, and economically. In 1961 Constance Mitchell was elected to the Monroe County Legislature (formerly the Monroe County Board of Supervisors).