In Da Roc This Friday Main St. Armory

January 15, 2017

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Who Knew 21 Savage Was Not An American And In The U.S. Illegally?

February 4, 2019

Rapper 21 Savage was arrested by ICE in Atlanta over the weekend and might be facing deportation. Well this is one for the books. Who the hell knew 21 Savage was not from this country? Apparently, 21 Savage who’s real name is Sha Yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph came here in 2005 and has been here illegally since 2006. 

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21 Savage Speaks Out New Age Hip Hop VS. OG Hip Hop T.I. Responds

November 22, 2017

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the state of Hip Hop music, new artist versus seasoned artist. 21 Savage took to Instagram to share is perspective in a post and delete moment but T.I. screen shot his post and offered his thoughts.  

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